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What We Have To Offer

For emergencies please call 911 immediately. If you have questions or need assistance from TIP please call our 24/7 number: (775) 745-5514.

To access our web resources please click here to reach our resource homepage. For a pdf version please click here to download our TIP Client Resource Guide.

Coping After a Tragedy

  • Dealing with loss
  • Common reactions following trauma
  • Dealing with emotions – Resolving grief
  • Helping children grieve
  • Helping children deal with suicide
  • Dealing with suicide

Emotional First Aid (EFA)

  • Helping the emotionally injured after a tragedy
  • What to say
  • What not to say
  • How can you help later

Coroner's Office

  • What they do
  • Why they do it


  • Fire information
  • What to do
  • What not to do


  • Dealing with media – Your rights

Handling Estates

  • Practical consideration
  • Papers and certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Social Security
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Employee Benefits
  • Wills and probate
  • Taxes and general finances

Recursos en Espanol

  • Resources in Spanish

Support Services Directory

  • Adolescents, AIDS, Alcohol/Drugs
  • Funeral Consumer Alliance, Bereavement
  • Cemetary, Cremation, & Mortuary Services
  • Crime Scene Clean-Up Services
  • Counseling Support
  • Courts, Crisis Disaster Services
  • Death/Birth Certificates
  • Domestic Violence (DV), DV Shelters, Families
  • Fire Support Services, Health, Homeless Services
  • Hospitals, Language
  • Legal Aid, Military
  • Pet Services, Police
  • Senior Citizen Services, Sexual Assault Service, Shelters
  • Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Syndrome
  • Suicide, Victim Services (Crime)
  • TIP – Additional Resources
FirstAidSmallEmotional First Aid:
Get Connected. Get Answers:
Helping Others When Tragedy Strikes:

Helping children and teens when there is a death in the family

Death of a Child Resources

Helpful Information

National Resources

  • Provides state by state directories of survivor support groups for families and friends of someone who completed suicide.
  • A resource and memorial site by and for suicide survivors
  • Survivors of Suicide Loss Support for survivors, family members, and friends Counseling & group support
  • Support group / resources for those whose loved ones died from suicide. Friends for Survival - (916) 392-0064 | (800) 646-7322